Design Philosophy 
Art and design become forms of expression we can cultivate from culture, experiences, and passions. I believe effective design begins with a unique purpose. Redesigning interiors can be life changing — from health and wellness to functionality. Remodeling a home can allow a client to stay in the space where they built a lifetime of family memories, while also providing a fresh start toward a new way of life. As a designer, I focus my attention on prioritizing the client and their lifestyle. This is your home and your overall quality of life.
My story begins in Central California, where I left the remote town I grew up in to start a design career in Southern California. I studied architecture and graphic design at Cal Poly Pomona, where I met my husband. Together, we started an apparel business serving college students and local organizations. This business allowed me to learn essential business practices, effective communication with clients, and how to convey a clear design concept. During my studies, I began working with an interior designer who blessed me with abundant knowledge and on-site experience. After earning my BFA in graphic design, I immediately enrolled back in school to earn an additional degree and certificate in interior design. With over three years of experience in the interior design industry, I have had the privilege to design for many diverse clients and homes.
Having grown up in a rural area, I tend to gravitate toward rustic elements and combine them with a modern flare. I have an appreciation for reclaimed materials, where imperfections tell a story and preserve history. My favorite part of the design process is getting to know each client and allowing their personality to shine through the project. It’s very fulfilling to share my passion and help people create a home unique to them, without sacrificing treasured memories.
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